The Universe's colours.

February 12, 2018

Hello everybody!
I have to apologise, this post should be posted on Thursday and today is Monday, I'm very sorry about that, too much work at my day job.
Today I want to share with you the work on a glass of Josh Simpson.
To me, this artist is pretty important, it's part of my life as an artist when I start on my own studio.
In 2003,  attended to a course of glass in "La Real Fábrica de Cristales" in San Ildefonso, Segovia (Spain) and at that time was an exhibition of Josh Simpson. I got impressed of his work, colours, details and size.
And I bought a small Megaplanet. Pitifully it's in my house in Spain, not with me here, but it's always on my mind.For a long time, The Megaplanet was the inspiration of my work on the glass.
Actually, in my actual abstract paint too.
His wife is an astronaut and the inspiration is in the colours of the universe, of course, when you look at his plates you can see the constellations.
All the universe in a piece of glass.

On the internet and on his website, there are few videos, but here there are two to know the Josh Simpson Universe.
Enjoy the videos....



Be happy and creative!
See you soon, I promise.


Red, the February colour

February 01, 2018

What colour would you choose for this month?
Red, of course, the colour of the love, Valentine's day and the lovers.
Aside from the different kinds of red, this colour is associated with energy, passion, warm, powerful, courageous, dynamism, stimulating, stir, provocation, adventure, magnetism, spontaneity.....
But too with aggressivity, violence, danger, antagonism and warlike.

How is made the red colour?
We have to start with the primary colours, so, Magenta, cyan and yellow. Red is a secondary colour, the add from magenta and yellow, follow the picture.
So, with three colour and forbearance, we can make the others.
And my challenge for this month is to paint just with red, yeap, with only one colour and all the variances. I think it's gonna be hard, I know but it's one way to learn and improve my painting.
Tomorrow morning I'll go to my favourite art supplies shop and I'll buy 3 canvas to start.
For two of them I'll use just red, and the other I'll add black and white.

I invite you to follow the challenge on my Instagram and Facebook.

See you soon, soon!
Be happy, be creative!