Sketchbook review.

January 25, 2018

The sketchbook, difficult choice.
Hello and welcome to the big question!
I love stationery stuff since I was a child. I remember the first school day opening the new books, that smell, the new pencils, erasers, pencil case, school bag,  all the possibilities to make and learn something new made me feel happy.
Nowadays, I can't leave the stationery buying anything. So, I try to go there just when I really need something or I need feel as a child again.

Since I start to draw I bought a lot of sketchbooks, someone better than others, but always made them function, collect ideas.
My mam said me last week that she found a lot of "notebooks" in the attic and I realized that I have a lot here as well.

But, to sketching on acrylic I don't like any.
Easy, I need time to dry the paint to turn the page and start with another, and when I have some idea it's not just one, the ideas are coming all at the same time and I have to be fast if I don't want to lose them.
And this happens when I don't wait enough time.

Because of that, I decide not to use them to acrylic paint, I cut the paper and make my own sketchbook with the paper that I prefer and the size that is more comfortable to me.

Frist, I chouse the paper....... But I thought that it was for sketches....
 I cut them into A4 pieces......
 And that was ready to sketch...
This time I had time enough to dry them and made a hole to keep together.

And finally, I've got my own sketchbook.

I don't have excuses to not sketch with acrylic.
So, go to start....

See you soon!
Be creative, be happy!

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