Sketching in.... Chapter one

December 28, 2017

This Christmas I realize that I love Christmas' decoration, and some places take care of it really well, one of That is "Chapter One", here in Manchester. I think there is a new owner because it changes much since the first time I was in there. Now I love this palace and makes me feel fantastic and special.


Well, the subject of this post is "How to sketch for abstract paint".

I found by internet an artist called Flora Bowley how makes intuitive abstract paint, she paints directly on the canvas without a previous sketch.
For my first abstract works, I made the same, and the result for me was good, but I don't like to leave the work to the luck.
Because of this I've started to research more abstract painters and a few weeks ago I found Heather Day, she makes sketch previous to work on canvas and her sketches become art. She is an amazing artist, the colours, textures and shapes are simples and attracter. But, I'll talk in another moment.

At this point, I know that I don't know how to sketch for abstract paint. And this is stressful.
I have to find my own way and this is one of my subjects for the new year's wish list.
And I have to find inspiration in something particular, not leave to the moment.

My new year's wish list is increasing too much.
Ok, see you next year. Be creative and have funn!

Happy New Year!


Working on canvas

December 23, 2017

I always wanted paint abstract but I thought that before I needed to learn how to draw realistic.
This year I've focused my effort on improving my drawing skills and it was hard and sometimes not funny and absolutely not colours, too dark. At this point, at the end of the year and with not much money in my pocket, I've decided to put colour and funny in my art.
To start I've bought a cheaper paper for acrylic and watercolours, just to practice, but it was really bad quality.....

The cheaper sometimes is expensive!!!!
But at the moment, I don't care too much, I'm experimenting and from the mistakes, I get my own style.
On the other hand, a friend gave me three small pictures of New York on canvas that he had at home to practice on canvas, and these were the first to paint.
I'm very sorry to destroy the New York pictures, I love New York, but I can't spend much money on art at the moment.

Hung on the wall

I'm happy with the result, I know that the canvas wasn't the best, of course, but I have colour in my bedroom and I learn how to use my new tool, cheaper ones, but  I'm happy with the result and my new pictures.

My friend Peter gave me another big canvas and that will be my next project. I can't wait to start painting.

See you soon and Merry, Merry Christmas!


Art on a Christmas card!

December 12, 2017

Hi there!
Yep, It's time to send the Christmas card and I'm already done it.
I started to work on it a few months ago but I didn't realise that.
I attended an online course about patterns in Domestika and I made few experiments, one of this was a heart surrounded by colours' dots.

So, I decided to use that as a base for the abstract's acrylic work.
After more than three layers on top of this and now I had the final background.

I cut in 5,5" to 5,5" the envelope size, expired ones from last year.

 Finally, the Christmas' tree on each card or making a mess in my kitchen.

  And these are the finals. The yellow is my personal's card gift.
To end, the signature.

 And the Christmas cards are ready to launch.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy new year!

See you soon!
Be happy and creative!


More colour, please!

December 01, 2017


I love libraries and bookshops since I live in Uk I've got 4 different libraries' card, three from London and one in Manchester. Someone can think that I'll never use them, but it's not true.
Last Wednesday I went to return "The upset" Young contemporary art, very interesting one book of art, and in my way back home I stopped to take a hot chocolate in "Costa Caffee".
Costa is a big coffee shop company and there are shops around the world. The shops have a nice atmosphere and a lot of kinds of different coffees and hot chocolate, but the light in there is not really good to draw.

When I took out my sketchbook and tried to draw something I realised that the colour and the light around me was foul and my sheet needed some colour.
The most important colour was brown, boring brown everywhere.
I tried to take a picture next to the window but was a cloudy day and it wasn't better.

Eventually, I realised that I need colour in my drawings, in my house and in my life.

What do you think about your life? Does your life need more colour?
Or maybe it's because is almost winter?

The challenger for this weekend is put colour in my house!!!!

  Take care and see you soon!