Art or Craft?

January 22, 2017

Yesterday I saw an artist interview, and her art agent said to her that one of her drawings was art and the other just a simple draw.
What's art?
How decides what is art and what not?
Why they are right and the rest of us wrong?

Anyway, I am continuing making and sharing my "art" or "drawing".


Print test

January 11, 2017

This weekend I've made test about differentes paper and options at my new printer and these are the end.

I love them, all of them.


My Studio

January 01, 2017

Hi, everyone! today I want to show you where I work my art.
My studio is my house, or my house is my studio. I'm living in a small flat and it's enough to me at the moment.
I've three differents spaces to work.

To digital work at the living room. /  Trabajo digital en el salón.

To draw and ink at the living room.  / Dibujo y tinta en el salón.

To watercolors at the kitchen.  / Acrílico y acuarela en el salón

Now I'm going to draw something new and I'll see you soon!